General Contracting    

General Contracting

As your General Contractor we will walk you through the building process from the start to the finish. We will first help you decide a budget that will meet the requirements of your ideas.

The next step will be selecting an Architect and getting space/building plans. We can all sit down and go through the process together to assure the costs and needs are addressed.

During preconstruction, we provide our clients with real time cost, constructability and material availability information that allows them to make informed decisions.

During the bidding process, we clearly communicate project scope, quality and schedule requirements to the bidders so that they can provide complete and accurate pricing.

During construction, LCJ and Associates maintains a clean, safe and organized site that allows the field crews and subcontractors to be productive and provide the highest quality product. We also manage the cost and schedule daily to make sure that we are meeting our customer's time and budget requirements.

Finally, we understand that the ultimate goal is to have our customers utilizing their buildings for their intended use. Therefore we know that we must close our projects cleanly with no outstanding quality or cost issues.

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